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The Branco Weiss Institute operates holistic intervention programs of individualized education in schools and learning centers, aimed at empowering students and promoting their scholastic success.


These frameworks include: 

  • Individualized learning plans for each student
  • Additional instruction hours
  • Personal coaching for students relating to the emotional and social dimensions of their lives
  • Group activities, including volunteer work in the community to enhance students' personal and Enhancement of social capabilities and sense of responsibility.


An Individualized Learning Plan for Each Student

The holistic educational process views the pupil as a totality and addresses the scholastic, personal, and social aspects of his/her life. An individualized learning program is designed for each pupil based on the combined mapping of his/her scholastic needs (the subjects in which he/she requires reinforcement) and his/her social and personal needs.

This way of working enables us to help each pupil progress from his or her starting point, whether he/she is an outstanding pupil or an underachieving pupil.


Our working assumption is that developing pupils' sense of self-efficacy and consolidating all the elements of their autonomous identities will enable them to function as mature individuals who aim for continual improvement, convinced of their ability to shape reality and to make changes both in their personal lives and in their contributions to society.


The programs are run by a staff of professional tutors from the Branco Weiss Institute who are skilled at implementing their different aspects. The tutors coordinate between the various demands of the framework (the pupils, school, and teachers), and the program concepts and tools; they employ the system's resources in the most effective way in order to maximize pupils' abilities and help them progress.


Teachers Training

The program teachers participate in training sessions throughout the school year; their work in the program is guided by Branco Weiss Institute tutors. The teacher training sessions focus on teaching methods, individualized instruction, mapping tools, the design of individualized learning plans, skills, and learning and thinking strategies for fostering independent learners.



Collaborating is the Key to Success

The programs are run in partnership with all the local educational agents: the local authority, the principals, and the school staff. We believe that the active collaboration of all parties has a decisive impact on the program's success. This collaboration takes the form of joint decision-making, formulating agreed-on policy, and the development of course materials through joint learning and regular updates about events in the field.